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  + Pharma

  + Biotech

  + Semiconductors

  + Electronics

  + Nano-Technology

  + Medical Devices

  + Alternative Protein

  + Food-Tech

  + Cosmetics

  + Universities

  + R&D centers

  + And much more!

Our Portfolio of Products and Services remain unchanged.

While we build our new combined website, you could browse our existing websites:


By merging, AVBA and TASGIV can now better match your needs!


The combined AVBA+TASGIV team, with its vast experience in a wide variety of scientific disciplines and industry sectors, is now better equipped to serve you. Our enhanced knowledge and unique insights extend across a wide range of needs and sectors, ensuring we're more prepared than ever to support your success.


Our Technologies

Our combined and enhanced portfolio of solutions for the Pharma, Biotech, Medical devices, Alternative protein, Food-tech, Cosmetics and similar industries now includes:

R&D, Process and Production

  • Sterilization & Decontamination

  • Process and Preparation Vessels and Plant

  • CIP & SIP, Washers

  • Liquid and Powder Aseptic Filling

  • Environmental Monitoring Systems

  • Containment & Barrier Isolation

  • Freeze-drying (Lyophilization), ULT Freezers

  • Purified Water, Water for Injection and Pure Steam

  • Validation & Calibration Systems 

  • NIR Process Analytical Technology and Laser Headspace Gas Analysis

  • XRD and XRF X-ray analyzers

Packaging, Coding, and Inspection

  • Liquid Filling, Tablets & Capsules Counting, Creams & Ointments, and Powder Filling

  • Capsule Filling & Weighing

  • Bottle and Carton labeling

  • Blister and Deep Draw Tray-Forming

  • Sachet, Strip and Stickpack

  • Wrapping and Overwrapping

  • Cartoning and End-of-Line

  • Automatic Visual Inspection, and Leak Testing

  • Serialization, Marking and Coding by Laser, Thermal Inkjet and Thermal Transfer

Medical Devices and Advanced Technologies

  • Inhalation Technologies

  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Device Assembly

  • Transdermal & Oral Delivery Systems

  • Microneedles, Wound and Skin Care Products

  • Diagnostic Kits Production and Assembly

  • Ostomy & Continence Care

  • Water-soluble film portion packs

Our Technical and Professional Services include

  • Installation and relocation of existing setups

  • Commissioning and Training

  • SAT, IQ-OQ & PQ Validation and Calibration

  • Scheduled and On-Call Maintenance



AVBA and TASGIV are joining forces to better meet your needs. By sharing our knowledge and resources, we can answer them more effectively.
We aim to offer you better services, streamline our operations, and bring you new ideas that can help you succeed.
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