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Solve, Supply, Support

With over 30 years of expertise, AVBA-TASGIV provides its customers with solutions matching their research, production, and packaging needs. We serve the Pharma, Biotech & Medical Devices sectors, as well as the Semiconductors, Electronics & Nanotech, and the Food & Dairy sectors, along with other industrial sectors, academia, and R&D institutes. We offer our customers a complete range of products and services, based on the mutual analysis of their needs, delivering technological solutions with supporting services to ensure their needs are met.

Our long-lasting partnerships with leading global manufacturers enable us to supply our customers with cost-effective, reliable tailor-made solutions, and our team of technical-support professionals provides high-quality installation, validation, and maintenance services, ensuring our continuous support throughout the lifespan of our systems. We manage all aspects of the project, from import and transportation logistics to site preparation, installation, and calibration. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our comprehensive warranty and service propositions, ensuring the sustained performance and reliability of our solutions.

High-End Solutions and Comprehensive Services

  + Pharma

  + Biotech

  + Medical Devices

  + Cosmetics

  + Semiconductors

  + Electronics

  + Nano-Technology

  + Universities

  + R&D centers

  + Food & Dairy

  + Alternative Proteins

  + Food-Tech

  + And much more!

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